Alberta Parks

Parks in Miniature

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A parking lot is not just a parking lot when you explore it on your hands and knees!  We take your students on an adventure in miniature!  Parks are host to more plants and animals than can be seen with a quick glance.  Students are introduced to the park's smallest residents through using their senses and a thirst for exploration.  This program is designed to help students learn about the needs of these critters and how they relate to us.

    • Senses
    • Needs of plants & animals
Type:Field Study
Duration:1.5 Hours
Location:Cold Lake, Garner Lake, Gregoire Lake, Moose Lake, Sir Winston Churchill or Whitney Lakes Provincial Parks
Max. Group Size:30
Fees:$2 per student
Availability:May-June, September-October

Updated: Apr 10, 2018