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How is hibernation different from sleep? Which animals hibernate? These activities reflect on how some of Alberta’s wildlife hibernate. From bats to ground squirrels and bears to snakes, each animal’s adaptation to survive winter provides curricular opportunities to explore and to get students outside.
June 24, 2020

Grades K-3

Curriculum: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Wellness

Kung Frog - Video/Indoor Activity/Outdoor Activity

Join Wood Frog and Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel in this video clip taken from Kananaskis Country’s interpretive show, Kung Frog, as they discover each other’s strategies for hibernating during winter. Extend your learning by investigating who hibernates in your nearby nature and creating a diorama for your chosen animal.

Activity Instructions Here

Nature Moments: Make a Nature Calendar - Outdoor Activity/Indoor Activity

Nature speaks to us throughout the seasons. Take time to roam and explore outside to observe seasonal changes in animals and plants. Through drawings or photos, document your observations by creating a nature calendar.

Activity Instructions Here

Grades 4-6

Curriculum: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Wellness

What is Hibernation? - Video/Indoor Activity

Local researchers explain the research they are conducting on a few iconic animals that hibernate in Alberta. From bats to grizzly bears to snakes and ground squirrels, these animals are adapted to spending many months in a state of torpor. Extend your learning with a scientific experiment focused on the adaptation of cryoprotectants – a natural antifreeze some amphibians possess to avoid becoming frogsicles!

Activity Instructions Here

Hibernation Scavenger Hunt - Outdoor Activity

Animals are actively coming out of hibernation. Go outside for a walk into your nearby nature or Provincial Park to look for these animals or signs that show they have emerged from their winter home. How many can you find?

Activity Instructions Here

Grades 7-12

Curriculum: Science, Biology, Wellness

Hibernation: Alberta Examples - Video/Indoor Activity

Animals are adapted to live in their habitat and have different strategies to deal with the cold months of winter. Learn from local scientists who are supporting research and education on a few of Alberta’s iconic animals.

Activity Instructions Here

NatureLynx - Outdoor Activity

What animals and plants live in your backyard? Gain knowledge about the species and biodiversity in your own neighbourhood, by joining a class mission documenting your collective observations through NatureLynx, an app created to document Alberta’s nature.

Vicki Perkins
Vicki Perkins has been an Outdoor Educator for over 20 years. As the Formal and Environmental Education Coordinator in Kananaskis Country, she is dedicated to providing opportunities to engage youth and teachers within Alberta's protected area system. Vicki holds a Bachelor of Education and Science degrees, as well as, an Honors Bachelor in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism. In her previous roles as a park’s interpreter, a classroom teacher with Indigenous youth and as an education specialist for the United Nations Development Program, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her position. Vicki is passionate about the natural world and protecting it for future generations.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020