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Biodiversity represents the diversity of life on Earth. Understanding this concept is a thread within Alberta’s curriculum from K-12. Take your students outside and build upon their senses to gain an appreciation and understanding of species with whom they share their world. Play games to explore the interactions amongst species and delve deeper into exploring species, genetic and ecosystem Biodiversity through a hands on field study.
May 07, 2021

Grades K-3

Curriculum: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Wellness

Sensory Walk - Outdoor Activity

The diversity of living elements in nature come in all shapes, sizes, textures and smells. Students will explore a natural area, embracing all their senses, while discovering the diversity of life forms in the process.

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ABC Nature Walk - Indoor / Outdoor Activity

During this thematic walk, students will discover wildlife, plants or insects that represent letters of the alphabet. Through the creation of student posters, construct your own ABC wildlife book or alphabet line for your classroom.

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Who Am I? - Indoor / Outdoor Activity

This classic activity introduces students to a wide diversity of Alberta’s wildlife. Through questions and reflection, students gain an understanding of how animals can be sorted, leading to a deeper understanding of animal classification. Concepts of animal needs and the difference between wildlife and domestic animals are also introduced.

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Inquiry - What lives in my backyard? - Indoor / Outdoor Activity

Building upon students’ natural curiosity, this Inquiry presents students with a guiding question, “What lives in my backyard?” Through free exploration, discovery and research, students share their knowledge with others while gaining an understanding on the diversity of lifeforms in their own backyard.

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Grades 4-6

Curriculum: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Wellness

Web of Life - Outdoor Activity

Food chains, food webs and the interdependence of producers, consumers and decomposers come to life in this interactive and visual activity. Students will discover that diverse and intact ecosystems are more resilient to natural and human impacts.

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Be a Biodiversity Detective! - Outdoor Activity

In this fun discovery activity, students will become nature detectives exploring the species diversity of their schoolyard or nearby nature. Their small research parties will share their discoveries through leading a guided excursion and the creation of an optional photomural or artistic drawing.

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Grades 7-12

Curriculum: Science, Biology, Literacy, Art, Wellness

Exploring Biodiversity - A Field Study - Indoor / Outdoor Activity

If you cannot visit Alberta Parks with your class, try our “Exploring Biodiversity”, a field study for grade 9 science students. Divided into 4 sessions, the study encompasses both classroom and a local park or green outdoor learning spaces. Please note many elements of this study may be useful for science field studies in Grades 7 to 11 to explore ecosystems and biodiversity.

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Ecosystems and Impacts – a Virtual Field Study - Indoor Activity

If you cannot visit Alberta Parks with your class, join teachers from Nelson Mandela High School in Calgary on a field study geared towards Science and Biology 20 students. We will “virtually” be in the field exploring an aspen parkland and grassland ecosystem collecting information on the biotic and abiotic characteristics of both. Please note many elements of this study may be useful for science field studies in Grades 7 to 11 to explore ecosystems and biodiversity.

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Caribou Blues - Indoor / Outdoor Activity

In this interactive game, students gain an understanding of the hardships northern caribou face during their annual migration. Limiting factors, predation and the unintended consequences of human activity are introduced and provide the basis for discussion and research into Alberta’s caribou populations. Philosophical questions are posed on the intrinsic value of species to exist.

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Roland Kirzinger
Roland has worked as a naturalist, interpreter and educator in parks organizations in Saskatchewan and Alberta for over 30 years. He has worked in Fish Creek Provincial Park for over 15 years and is currently the Formal and Environmental Education Coordinator. Roland enjoys all facets of nature and has broad experience in creating programs and resources to aid in sharing his knowledge and interest in the natural world with others.

Updated: Feb 15, 2022