Stewards make major contributions to conservation efforts in Alberta's parks system. More than 280 individual stewards and nearly 60 steward organizations participate in this very successful program. Stewards are actively involved in more than 130 sites.

Stewards come from all walks of life, bringing diverse backgrounds and a shared interest in protecting Alberta's natural heritage.

Types & Duties of Stewards

Stewards help monitor conditions at select parks. Many of these parks are remote or undeveloped. Stewards do not represent the government legally and do not have enforcement responsibilities. Their observations alert us to the unique management needs of the sites they care for. Information from site inspection reports is used to update our site database.


Roving Stewards


Both individuals and organizations can be stewards.


Eligible individuals must


Eligible non-profit groups must be

Municipalities, corporations and other groups are also eligible to become stewards.

At some locations, stewards have formed non-profit societies legally registered under the Societies Act. This is an excellent way to bring together people who share an interest in local protected areas. Some of the advantages are

Special Projects

Many stewards extend their duties to include special projects. These projects vary, depending on the volunteer's interests and expertise and on the site's requirements. Without stewards' talent and motivation, many of these projects would not be possible.

Before undertaking a special project, a steward must obtain approval from the field coordinator for the site. Once the project is completed, a "special project report form" must be submitted.

Types of Special Projects

Natural History

Site Management

Interpretation and Environmental Education

Support for Stewards

To support the valuable contributions stewards make we


We are not currently filling additional steward positions.  

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Updated: Feb 14, 2018