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Working Together

Working together with community partners is key to successfully meeting Alberta Parks’ goals. Our partners gain unique opportunities to grow their businesses, participate in a variety of park experiences or to provide a valued perspective to current and future Alberta Parks planning. By collaborating with partners, Alberta Parks amplifies its ability to enhance visitor experiences, connect people to nature, and conserve our natural and cultural heritage.

Work With Us

Business & Partnership Opportunities

Commercial Trail Riding

e.g. recreational horseback riding trips and trail riding (does not include guided horseback hunting).

Development Opportunities

Private business can apply to operate in an Alberta Park. Private sector lessees can provide a variety of visitor services and recreational opportunities. Email inquiries to

Please Note:

Facility Operator

The Government of Alberta often enters into facility operating and service agreements for:

Guide/ Instructor

e.g. guided hikes, cross-country skiing trips, cycling trips, ecotourism and adventure-tourism activities.

Mobile Food Vendor

e.g. food trucks, ice cream trucks, food vending trailers or sidewalk carts.

Partnership & Sponsorship Proposals

Our partners and sponsors help create new and inspiring opportunities for people, to discover, enjoy, value and protect our treasured places. Email inquiries to

Please include the following information:

Apply for a Permit

Contact Us

Provide feedback on your experiences in Alberta Parks via Contact Us

Updated: Apr 19, 2018