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Consultation Framework

Albertans are passionate about our parks, and want more involvement in decisions about parks and in the delivery of parks programs.  

Alberta's Plan for Parks guides decisions for managing the provincial parks system.  It includes Strategy #1 to "Involve Albertans". Our consultation and notification processes were developed to support the implementation of this strategy.

The Involving Albertans consultation framework sets out the circumstances which determine:

Note that this framework does not direct or influence Indigenous consultation requirements. Those requirements are subject to The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with First Nations on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2013 and The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with Metis Settlements on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2015.

Consultation Process

Online Consultation

When surveyed, Albertans indicated a preference for email and web-based consultation on issues related to Alberta's parks.  In response, we focus our public consultations online.

Subscribe to ParkNews to be advised when future opportunities for public comment are announced.

Information bulletins are also issued through the Alberta Communications Network to alert media to the consultation.

Other Consultation Mechanisms

The need for additional consultation mechanisms is determined on a case-by-case basis.  This could involve open houses, information sessions and public or stakeholder meetings.

Results of Consultation

After the consultation concludes and decisions are made, an update is posted online.  The update summarizes the feedback received, as well as the resulting decisions and next steps.  

Notification Process

In some cases, consultation may not be required. However, we still want to keep the public informed of these changes to the parks system. Examples where notification is more appropriate include

At a minimum, current notifications are posted online.  Notifications includes department and media contacts who are able to respond to questions. Depending on the specific situation, other means of communication may be used.

Notifications about public safety issues and other advisories are posted online, both on and  This includes fire bans and liquor bans.

Consultation/Notification Framework

Issue Consultation Notification
Designation of New Parks or addition of lands to existing parks Designated from public/crown land Check Mark  
Designated from a private land sale or donation   Check Mark
Boundary Amendments Significant change in size or shape, or significant change to public use of park Check Mark  
Insignificant or administrative change to size or shape1 , or no significant change to public use of park   Check Mark
Facility Development Major new development, is of a significant size and footprint, or will significantly change the use of the site Check Mark  
Minor facility expansions 2   Check Mark
Park Management New or modified legislation Check Mark  
System-wide policy changes Check Mark  
Development of Park Management Plan Check Mark  
Follow-through on actions committed to and consulted on in  management plan   Check Mark
General or routine management actions and decisions   Check Mark
Change in legal classification or the management intent of a park Check Mark  
Major changes to management zones within a park 3 Check Mark  
Minor modifications to management zone boundaries within a park   Check Mark

1 Example of an insignificant change to the size or shape of a park is the deregulation of park 0.5 hectares in size that does not contain any natural or recreation values, and has not been used by the public for many years.

2 Example of a minor facility expansion is the addition of ten new campsites to an existing campground.

3 Example of a major change to a management zone would be changing the management intent of a zone from a management zone that allows hunting to one that does not allow hunting. A minor modification might be a correction of an error in the original legal description of a zone.

Updated: Jul 16, 2018