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Everyone Belongs Outside!

Alberta’s parks are important to our quality of life and we are committed to making parks more accessible and inclusive so that everyone benefits from outdoor recreation and spending time in nature.  A priority of the Plan for Parks is to implement a province-wide inclusion plan to enhance visitor experiences. Everyone Belongs Outside: Alberta Parks Inclusion Plan was released in response. Alberta Parks has been working on ensuring facilities and programs are designed so that everyone’s needs are considered regardless of age, ability or disability, economic standing or other factors. 

Our Goals

Accessibility means identifying and removing barriers through design, auditing parks and training for Alberta Parks staff. The primary goal here is to find ways to improve access in sites and experiences across Alberta’s network of parks.

It takes time to develop relationships. Moving beyond access and inviting participation requires an open mind, time and patience.

Capacity building strategies will build the programs we have and provide opportunities to collaborate. Removing barriers and increasing capacity means more people can benefit from connecting to the natural world.

Push to Open Nature 

The Push to Open Nature Initiative seeks to breaks down physical and mental barriers to nature.  The goals are to improve accessibility and promote inclusion of all abilities through adaptive recreation events and partners.

Nature as a Second Language

The goal of the Nature as a Second Language Initiative is to remove language barriers and introduce newcomers to outdoor recreation and to provincial parks. The "Introduction to Alberta's Provincial Parks" guidebook and regulations brochure are available in several languages.

Cultural Access Pass to Alberta Parks

The Cultural Access Pass to Alberta Parks is a partnership program with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Check out our offers of free camping, programs and activities for new citizens.

Low Cost Camping

Alberta Parks has lots of camping options which offer varied experiences at price-points beginning at $0.  Please check our Low Cost Camping Options page for details.

Milestones for Inclusion, Accessibility & Diversity in Alberta Parks

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Accessible Fishing Dock

Britanny in Journal

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Updated: Jul 25, 2017