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Winagami Wildland Provincial Park

Lat: 55.6160020438 Long: -116.636478007 | Directions
Information: 780-849-7100

Park Boundary


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      Park Management

      ClassificationWildland Provincial Park
      LegislationProvincial Parks Act
      Park Size31,298.81 Acres  /  12,666.63 Ha
      Legal BoundaryWinagami Wildland Provincial Park
      Administration / Information780-849-7100 
      Regional OfficeNorthwest Regional Office
      District Office Slave Lake
      Natural RegionBoreal Forest - Dry Mixedwood
      Boreal Forest - Central Mixedwood 
      Natural Region Description

      The southern portion of Winagami Wildland Park includes a stretch of the South Heart River valley and associated riparian areas that serve as a wildlife corridor. The area contains a jack pine-dominated sand dune and outwash complex. The park's northern portion consists of lands around the dams and diversion of the South Heart River. A representative part of the McLennan sloping fen is also located within the park. This non-patterned fen, without internal lawns, is comprised mainly of sphagnum peat and is dominated by a continuous cover of vegetation. Small, more or less circular mounds of glaciolacustrine materials are scattered throughout the wetlands, a feature not common to fens. There is a garter snake hibernacula in the valley. Great blue herons and bald eagles nest in large shoreline trees. White pelicans forage on water bodies.

      Land Use Framework RegionUpper Athabasca 

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