Willmore  Willmore Wilderness Park
Willmore Wilderness - Lake Panoramic - M Wheatley
Information & Facilities
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Willmore  Wilderness Park
Lat: 53.685526   Long: -119.074501 | Directions
Information: 780-865-8395 


Notice: Motorized vehicles are not permitted in Willmore. 

Facilities & Services

No facilities onsite in park.

Recreational Activities

Hiking - Backcountry  
Horseback Riding  
Mt. Biking/Cycling  
Wildlife Viewing  

** Facilities and services provided and activities permitted may vary within a park. Please check the details on the specific campground, day use area, group use area or trail to confirm what is available and/or permitted.

Recreation Notes

  • Backcountry Camping: Visitors to Willmore must be fully prepared for wilderness travel. Exercise caution when locating and building campfires. During periods of high fire hazard, campfires may not be permitted. To prevent encounters with bears, take precautions with food & garbage storage. Litter that can't be burned must be packed out.
  • Backcountry Hiking: Early fur trading activities created the trail network that is the basis for the 750 km of trails in Willmore. Trails provide access along all major eastern valleys and form connections between valleys via high mountain passes. There are few trails west of the Smoky River. Only minimal trail maintenance occurs. To purchase a Willmore map ($12.00), call 780-865-8395.
  • Horseback riding: There are hundreds of kilometres of equestrian trails in Willmore. (Only minimal trail maintenance occurs.)
  • Hunting: There are hunting seasons in Willmore for trophy sheep, moose, elk, white-tailed deer and mule deer. Refer to the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations for detailed information.
  • Geotourism Area: This park is part of the Alberta Northern Rockies.