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Water Advisory - River Advisory

July 14, 2017

Alberta Health Services has issued a water advisory for the Milk River. Due to the presence of a heightened level of thermo-tolerant fecal coliforms, swimming is not recommended; swim at your own risk.

If you choose to swim in the river; refrain from putting your head under the water and/or consuming the water, watch small children closely and ensure to shower off thoroughly upon exiting the water.

For further questions or concerns, please contact Alberta Health Services, Environmental Public Health: 403-388-6689

Water Advisory - Drinking Water Advisory

July 12, 2017

The water distribution system at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is currently not running at full capacity. Thus we are asking all campers to fill their potable water holding tanks prior to arriving at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. We appreciate your support in helping us maintain this service at the park.

Notice - Heat Warning for Writing-on-Stone

July 06, 2017

  • Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for the County of Warner around Milk River & Coutts, Alberta including Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.
  • A long period with maximum daily temperatures reaching 32C or above is forecasted for over a week.
  • If visiting or camping in our area, limit outdoor activity, cool off in buildings, drink plenty of water and monitor symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Be especially careful with young children and don’t forget about your pets!

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