Kananaskis Country  
Information & Facilities
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Trail Conditions

Trail conditions are highly variable. Trails may be closed, fully or partially, for periods of time.

Check Trail Reports for details.

TrailLengthPermitted Activities (Legend) Park / Area
Gorge Ware Connector2.7 one-waySheep River Valley
Heart Mountain2.8 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Heart Creek Interpretive1.3 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Wind RidgeKananaskis Valley
Quaite Valley4.0 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Barrier Lake Forestry Interpretive2.1Kananaskis Valley
Barrier Lake Interpretive1.5 one-way from Barrier Lake Upper Day Use; 2.5 one-way from Barrier Lake Lower Day UseKananaskis Valley
Bow River Interpretive2.1 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Bow Valley Paved Bike Path4.2 one-wayBow Valley
Elk Flats1.9 one-wayBow Valley
Flowing Water Interpretive2.0 returnBow Valley
Grotto Creek Canyon2.1 one-wayBow Valley
Jewell Pass2.7 one-way Kananaskis Valley
Many Springs Interpretive1.3Bow Valley
Middle Lake Interpretive2.0Bow Valley
Montane Interpretive1.5Bow Valley
Moraine Interpretive1.5 one-wayBow Valley
Prairie View6.6 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Stoney22.5 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Widow Maker2 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Georgetown Interpretive3.5 km one-waySpray Valley
Grassi Lakes Interpretive3.5 km returnSpray Valley
Green Loop2.0 km  
Blue Loop1.5 km  
Orange Loop7.5 km  
Yellow Loop5 km  
Adrenalin Loop17.75 km  
Red Loop6.5 km  
Cat Creek Interpretive1.3 km Highwood/Cataract
Cataract Creek8.4 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Cataract Loop4.2 kmHighwood/Cataract
Cummings Creek9.2 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Fallers6.0 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Loggers3.5 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Oyster Excursion11.2 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Pasque9.2 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Raspberry Pass7.5 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Skyline8.0 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Upper Raspberry4 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Valley Bottom6.0 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Wilkinson Summit8.4 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Cox Hill Ridge9 km one-waySibbald Area
Eagle Hill6.8 km from Sibbald Lake; 11.2 km or 11.8 km one-way from DawsonSibbald Area
Tom Snow27.3Elbow Valley
Beaver Flats Interpretive1.4 km one-wayElbow Valley
Elbow Falls Interpretive0.8Elbow Valley
Powderface Creek6.2 km one-wayElbow Valley
Prairie Creek9.2 km one-wayElbow Valley
Prairie Link3.2 km one-wayElbow Valley
Diamond T Loop4.3Elbow Valley
Elbow Valley10.5 km one-wayElbow Valley
Fullerton Loop5.0Elbow Valley
Paddy's Flat Interpretive2.2Elbow Valley
Riverview3.6 km one-wayElbow Valley
Tombstone Lakes3.7 km one-wayElbow Valley
Wasootch Creek1 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Baril Creek4.0 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Baril Loop10.4 Highwood/Cataract
Etherington11.1 km one-wayHighwood/Cataract
Bill Milne Paved9.7 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Centennial Ridge6.4 to Mt Allen summit, 16.9 to Highway #1Kananaskis Valley
Coal Mine2.3 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Evan-Thomas1.7 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Evan-Thomas Fire Road14 km one-way to the passKananaskis Valley
Hidden1.4 one-wayKananaskis Valley
High Level1.4 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Mount Kidd Interpretive1.2 km returnKananaskis Valley
Ribbon Creek / Link / Kovach / Terrace Loop5.1Kananaskis Valley
Ribbon Creek8.1 km one-way to Ribbon Falls or 10.1 km one-way to Ribbon LakeKananaskis Valley
Skogan / Marmot Basin Route4.9 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Skogan / Ruthie's / Troll Falls / Hay Meadow Loop4Kananaskis Valley
Skogan Pass10.2 to Skogan Pass, 19.4 to Highway #1Kananaskis Valley
Sunburst1.2 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Terrace / Kovach / Aspen Loop7.4Kananaskis Valley
Terrace / Terrace Link Loop3Kananaskis Valley
Village Loops Snowshoe3Kananaskis Valley
Wedge Connector2.4 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Wedge Pond1 returnKananaskis Valley
Heart Creek2.8 km return  
Picklejar Lakes8.4 km returnHighwood/Cataract
Big Elbow26.5 km one-wayElbow Valley
Ford Creek18 km one-wayElbow Valley
Ford Knoll4Elbow Valley
Little Elbow23 one-wayElbow Valley
Little Elbow Interpretive2.5 km one-wayElbow Valley
Nihahi Creek2.4 km one-wayElbow Valley
Nihahi Ridge2.5 km one-wayElbow Valley
Powderface Ridge7 km one-wayElbow Valley
Threepoint Mountain9.8 km one-wayElbow Valley
Trail Creek2.5 km one-wayElbow Valley
Wildhorse15.8 km one-wayElbow Valley
Baldy Pass13.7 km or 15.9 km one-waySibbald Area
Lusk Pass7.1 km one-waySibbald Area
Kananaskis Integrated Forest Interpretive Trail6.8 km one-waySibbald Area
McLean Creek Interpretive1.2 km returnElbow Valley
99997Sheep River Valley
Curley Sands3.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Hog's Back4.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Threepoint Creek12 km one-waySheep River Valley
Mist Creek10.2 km one-waySheep River Valley
Mist Ridge10.7 one-waySheep River Valley
Moose Mountain7.3 km one-wayElbow Valley
Sulphur Springs5.2 km one-wayElbow Valley
1982 Canadian Mount Everest Expedition Interpretive2.1Peter Lougheed
Black Prince Cirque Interpretive4.2Peter Lougheed
Boulton Creek4.9Peter Lougheed
Burstall Pass7.4 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Canyon Snowshoe1.7 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Chester Lake4.6 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Chester Lake Snowshoe3.4 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Elbow Lake1.4 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Elk Pass Snowshoe5.6Peter Lougheed
Elk Pass Summer5.2Peter Lougheed
Elk Pass Cross-Country Ski6.1Peter Lougheed
Elkwood Loop Snowshoe4.1Peter Lougheed
Highwood Meadows0.6 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Hogarth Lakes Loop Snowshoe3.9Peter Lougheed
Kananaskis Canyon Interpretive0.8Peter Lougheed
Lodgepole / Wheeler / Lakeside12Peter Lougheed
Lookout2.4Peter Lougheed
Lower Lake Interpretive0.5 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Lower Lake3.5 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Marl Lake Interpretive1.5 km for loopPeter Lougheed
Marsh Loop Snowshoe1.3Peter Lougheed
Penstock Loop Snowshoe4.5Peter Lougheed
Pocaterra7.9 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Ptarmigan Cirque Interpretive4.5Peter Lougheed
Rawson Lake3.9 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Rock Glacier Interpretive0.15 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Rockwall0.5Peter Lougheed
Rolly Road1.9 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Sawmill Loop Snowshoe Trail5.1Peter Lougheed
Smith-Dorrien Trails System20 km totalPeter Lougheed
Spruce Road1Peter Lougheed
Three Isle Lake3.6 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Upper Lake15.7Peter Lougheed
Whiskey Jack4.5 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Wintour Snowshoe5 km one-wayPeter Lougheed
Jumpingpound Loop9 km returnSibbald Area
Plateau Mountain6.7 km returnHighwood/Cataract
Grass Pass6.4 km returnHighwood/Cataract
Bighorn Interpretive0.5Sheep River Valley
Bluerock Creek9 km one-waySheep River Valley
Bluerock Interpretive2 km one-waySheep River Valley
Death Valley12.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Foran Grade3.2 km one-waySheep River Valley
Gorge Creek11.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Green Mountain3.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Indian Oils8.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Junction Creek Interpretive1.2Sheep River Valley
Junction Mountain13.7 km one-waySheep River Valley
Missing Link7 km one-waySheep River Valley
Mount McNabb6.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Price Camp5.3 km one-waySheep River Valley
Sandy McNabb Interpretive1.7Sheep River Valley
Sheep45 km one-waySheep River Valley
South Gorge Creek5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Volcano Creek4 km one-waySheep River Valley
Volcano Ridge13 km one-waySheep River Valley
Windy Point6.2 km one-waySheep River Valley
Deer Ridge6.6 returnSibbald Area
Ole Buck Loop3.6 km returnSibbald Area
Sibbald Flat Interpretive1Sibbald Area
Sibbald Reforestation Interpretive1.8 km one-waySibbald Area
Banff10.8Spray Valley
Buller Creek9 one-waySpray Valley
Eau Claire Interpretive1.5 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Galatea Creek6.3 to Lillian Lake, 1.5 more to Upper Galatea LakeKananaskis Valley
Goat Creek19.3 one-waySheep River Valley
Guinn's Pass3.0 one-wayKananaskis Valley
Karst Spring0.8 one-waySpray Valley
Mount Shark15 one-waySpray Valley
Terrace South9.5 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Watridge Lake3.7 one-waySpray Valley
West Side Lake10.8 one-waySpray Valley
Stoney / Ruthie's / Skogan Pass18.4 km one-wayKananaskis Valley
Link Creek11.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
North Fork5.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Ware Creek3.5 km one-waySheep River Valley
Crystal Line4.1 km one-wayWest Bragg Creek
Elbow5.1 km one-wayWest Bragg Creek
Hostel Loop3.8West Bragg Creek
Iron Springs9West Bragg Creek
Moose Connector1.5West Bragg Creek
Moose Loop5.1West Bragg Creek
Mountain Road1.7West Bragg Creek
Snowshoe Hare Loop5.3West Bragg Creek
Sundog Loop4West Bragg Creek
Telephone14.4West Bragg Creek
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