Bow Valley  Provincial Park
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Bow River Campground (Open: May 1 - Sep 27)
Lat: 51.059994   Long: -115.318653
Campground Operator: Bow Valley Campgrounds

Directions to Bow River Campground from  
Park Boundary

Type of Site CampsitesSenior
Reservations *Rate / night
Un-serviced 39 $2 no $26
Maps: Kananaskis Valley Summer Trails Pamphlet with Map (pdf)

Note:  Food lockers available for cyclists.

Firewood: Firewood available for purchase from campground manager/hosts.

Water: Water is available from a hand pump at this site. Although Alberta Parks strives to maintain water quality, we recommend that you bring your own drinking water.

++  Wheelchair-accessible washrooms.

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