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By Activity

Note: Facilities and services provided and activities permitted may vary within a park. Please check the details on the specific campground, day use area, group use area or trail to confirm what is available and/or permitted.

ParkPermitted Activities
Alexo NA
Alsike Bat Lake NA
Anderson Creek NA
Antelope Hill PP
Antler Lake Island NA
Aspen Beach PP
Athabasca Dunes ER
Aurora NA
Aylmer PRA
Battle Lake NA
Bear Lake NA
Bearberry Prairie NA
Beauvais Lake PP
Beaver Lake PRA
Beaver Mines Lake PRA
Beaverdam PRA
Beaverhill NA
Beaverhill Lake Heritage Rangeland NA
Beehive NA
Bellis Lake NA
Bellis North NA
Bentz Lake NA
Big Berland PRA
Big Elbow PRA
Big Hill Springs PP
Big Knife PP
Big Mountain Creek PRA
Bigelow Reservoir PRA
Bigoray NA
Bilby NA
Birch Mountains WPP
Black Creek
Blackstone PRA
Bleriot Ferry PRA
Blue Rapids PRA
Bluerock WPP
Bob Creek WPP
Bow Valley WPP
Bow Valley PP
Closed  Bow Valley PRA PRA
Bragg Creek PP
Brazeau Canyon WPP
Brazeau Reservoir PRA
Brazeau River PRA
Bridge Lake NA
Brown Creek PRA
Brown-Lowery PP
Buck Lake NA
Buck Lake Creek NA
Buck Lake PRA PRA
Buffalo Lake PRA
Buffalo Tower PRA
Bullshead Reservoir PRA
Burnt Timber PRA
Burtonsville Island NA
Butcher Creek NA
Calhoun Bay PRA
Calling Lake PP
Canmore Nordic Centre PP
Caribou Mountains WPP
Caribou River NA
Carnwood Modeste NA
Carson-Pegasus PP
Cartier Creek PRA
Castle Falls PRA
Castle River Bridge PRA
Cat Creek PRA
Cataract Creek PRA
Centre of Alberta NA
Chain Lakes PP
Chain Lakes PRA PRA
Chambers Creek PRA
Chambers Creek Group Camp PRA
Chedderville NA
Child Lake Meadows NA
Closed  Chin Coulee PRA
Chinchaga WPP
Chinook PRA
Closed  Chisholm PRA
Chrystina Lake PRA
Clear Lake NA
Clearwater Ricinus NA
Clifford E. Lee NA
Coal Lake North PRA
Cobble Flats PRA
Cold Lake PP
Colin-Cornwall Lakes WPP
Cooking Lake-Blackfoot PRA
Cow Lake NA
Coyote Lake NA
Closed  Crane Meadow PRA
Crescent Falls PRA
Crimson Lake PP
Crippsdale NA
Cross Lake PP
Crow Lake ER
Crow Lake PP
Cypress Hills PP
Dawson PRA
Deer Creek PRA
Demmitt PRA
Dillberry Lake PP
Dinosaur PP
Don Getty WPP
Douglas Fir NA
Dry Haven PRA
Dry Island Buffalo Jump PP
Dunvegan PP
Dunvegan West WPP
Dussault Lake NA
Dutch Creek PRA
Eagle Point PP
Easyford NA
Easyford Creek NA
Edgar T. Jones NA
Edith Lake PRA
Egg Island ER
Elbow Falls PRA
Elbow River PRA
Elbow River Launch PRA
Elbow-Sheep WPP
Elk Creek PRA
Elk Creek Fish Pond PRA
Elk River PRA
Emerson Creek NA
Closed  English Bay PRA
Engstrom Lake PRA
Etherington Creek PRA
Evan-Thomas PRA
Eyrie Gap PRA
Fairfax Lake PRA
Fallen Timber PRA
Fallen Timber South PRA
Fawcett Lake PRA
Fickle Lake PRA
Fidler-Greywillow WPP
Figure Eight Lake PRA
Closed  Fir Creek PRA
Fish Creek PP
Fish Lake PRA
Fisher Creek PRA
Fitzsimmons Creek PRA
Fort Assiniboine Sandhills WPP
Fort Vermilion PRA
Franchere Bay PRA
Freeman River PRA
French Bay PRA
Gadsby Lake NA
Garner Lake PP
Garner Orchid Fen NA
Genesee NA
George Lake NA
Ghost Airstrip PRA
Ghost Reservoir PRA
Ghost River
Gipsy Lake WPP
Glenbow Ranch PP
Gleniffer Reservoir PRA
Goldeye Lake PRA
Goose Mountain ER
Gooseberry Lake PP
Gooseberry PRA PRA
Grand Rapids WPP
Greene Valley PP
Greenford PRA
Gregoire Lake PP
Grizzly Ridge WPP
Closed  Gunn PRA
Halfmoon Lake NA
Halfway Lake NA
Hand Hills ER
Hangingstone PRA
Harlech PRA
Harper Creek NA
Hastings Lake Islands NA
Hay-Zama Lakes WPP
Heart Creek PRA
Heart River Dam PRA
Heatburg NA
Highway NA
Highwood PRA
Closed  Highwood Compound PRA
Highwood Junction PRA
Highwood River NA
Hilliard's Bay PP
Hoadley NA
Holmes Crossing Sandhills ER
Hondo NA
Honeymoon Creek PRA
Horburg PRA
Hornbeck Creek PRA
Horseshoe Creek NA
Hubert Lake WPP
Indian Graves PRA
Ings' Mine PRA
Innisfail NA
Iosegun Lake PRA
Island Lake PRA
Isle Lake NA
J.J. Collett NA
Jackfish Lake PRA
Jackson Lake Trail Staging PRA
James-Wilson PRA
Jarvis Bay PP
Jensen Reservoir PRA
Closed  Jumpingpound Creek PRA
Kakina Lake NA
Kakwa WPP
Kakwa River PRA
Kehiwin PRA
Kennedy Coulee ER
Killarney-Reflex Lakes Heritage Rangeland NA
Kinbrook Island PP
Kleskun Hill NA
Kootenay Plains PRA
Kootenay Plains ER
La Biche River WPP
La Butte Creek WPP
La Saline NA
Lac La Nonne NA
Lake McGregor PRA
Lakeland PRA
Lakeland PP
Lantern Creek PRA
Lawrence Lake PRA
Lesser Slave Lake WPP
Lesser Slave Lake PP
Lily Lake NA
Lineham PRA
Little Bow PP
Little Bow Reservoir PRA
Little Elbow PRA
Little Fish Lake PP
Closed  Little Smoky River PRA
Little Sundance Creek PRA
Livingstone Falls PRA
Lloyd Creek NA
Lois Hole Centennial PP
Long Lake PP
Lovett River PRA
Lundbreck Falls PRA
Lusk Creek PRA
Lynx Creek PRA
Machesis Lake PRA
Magee Lake NA
Majeau Lake NA
Closed  Mallaig PRA
Maqua Lake PRA
Marguerite River WPP
Markerville NA
Marshybank ER
Matthews Crossing NA
Maybelle River WPP
Maycroft PRA
McLean Creek PRA
McLeod River PRA
Medicine Lake PRA
Medicine Lodge Hills NA
Mesa Butte PRA
Michelle Reservoir PRA
Midland PP
Milk River NA
Mill Island NA
Minnow Lake PRA
Miquelon Lake PP
Mist Creek PRA
Mitchell Lake PRA
Modeste Creek NA
Modeste Saskatchewan NA
Moonshine Lake PP
Moose Lake PP
Moose Mountain Trailhead PRA
Mount Butte NA
Mt. Livingstone NA
Closed  Muriel Lake PRA
Musreau Lake PRA
Mystery Lake NA
Closed  Newbrook PRA
Newton Lake NA
Noel Lake NA
Nojack PRA
North Bruderheim PRA
North Buck Lake PRA
North Cooking Lake NA
North Fork PRA
Closed  North Ram River PRA
Northwest of Bruderheim NA
Notikewin PP
Obed Lake PP
O'Brien PP
O'Chiese NA
OH Ranch
Old Baldy Pass Trail PRA
Oldman Dam PRA
Oldman River PRA
Oldman River North PRA
Ole Buck Mountain NA
Ole's Lake PRA
Onefour Heritage Rangeland NA
Opal NA
Open Creek NA
Otauwau NA
Otter-Orloff Lakes WPP
Outpost Wetlands NA
Paddle River NA
Paddle River Dam PRA
Park Court NA
Park Lake PP
Parkland NA
Payne Lake PRA
Peace River WPP
Closed  Peace River PRA PRA
Peaceful Valley PRA
Pembina Forks PRA
Pembina River NA
Pembina River PP
Pembina River-Moon Lake NA
Peppers Lake PRA
Peppers Lake Staging PRA
Peter Lougheed PP
Phyllis Lake PRA
Picklejar PRA
Pierre Grey's Lakes PP
Pigeon Lake PP
Pine Grove PRA
Closed  Pines PRA
Pinetop PRA
Pinto Creek Canyon NA
Plateau Mountain ER
Poacher's Landing PRA
Police Outpost PP
Police Point NA
Poplar Creek NA
Prairie Coulees NA
Prairie Creek PRA
Prairie Creek Group Camp PRA
Prefontaine Brock Lakes NA
Queen Elizabeth PP
Racehorse PRA
Rainbow Lake PRA
Ram Falls PP
Closed  Raven PRA
Red Deer River PRA
Red Lodge PP
Red Rock Coulee NA
Redwater PRA
Redwater River NA
Ribstone Creek Heritage Rangeland NA
Richardson River Dunes WPP
Riverlot 56 NA
Rochon Sands PP
Rock Lake PP
Rock Lake - Solomon Creek WPP
Rocky Rapids NA
Roselea NA
Ross Lake NA
Round Valley NA
Rumsey NA
Rumsey ER
Running Lake PRA
Sand Lake NA
Saskatoon Island PP
Saskatoon Mountain NA
Saulteaux NA
Saunders PRA
Scalp Creek NA
Schrader Creek - Red Deer River NA
Closed  Sentinel PRA
Seven Mile PRA
Sheep Creek NA
Sheep Creek PRA PRA
Sheep River PP
Sherwood Park NA
Shunda Viewpoint PRA
Shuttler Flats PRA
Sibbald Lake PRA
Sibbald Meadows Pond PRA
Sibbald Viewpoint PRA
Silver Valley ER
Simonette River PRA
Sir Winston Churchill PP
Smoke Lake PRA
Smoky River South PRA
Snakes Head NA
Snow Creek PRA
South Ghost PRA
Southview PRA
Spray Valley PP
Spruce Island Lake NA
St. Francis NA
St. Mary Reservoir PRA
Stoney Creek PRA
Stoney Lake PRA
Stony Mountain WPP
Strachan PRA
Strathcona Science PP
Strawberry PRA
Sturgeon Lake NA
Sulphur Gates PRA
Sulphur Lake PRA
Sundance NA
Sundance PP
Sundre NA
Sundre North NA
Sundre Red Deer NA
Swan Lake PRA
Sylvan Lake NA
Sylvan Lake PP
Syncline PRA
Tawatinaw NA
Tay River PRA
Taylor Lake NA
The Narrows PRA
Thompson Creek PRA
Thorsby NA
Threepoint Creek NA
Thunder Lake PP
Tillebrook PP
Tolman Badlands Heritage Rangeland NA
Town Creek NA
Trapper Lea's Cabin PRA
Closed  Travers Reservoir PRA
Trout Pond PRA
Twin Lakes PRA
Twin River Heritage Rangeland NA
Two Lakes PP
Upper Mann Lake NA
Vega NA
Vermilion PP
Victoria Settlement NA
Wabamun Lake PP
Wagner NA
Wainwright Dunes ER
Waiparous Creek PRA
Waiparous Creek Group Camp PRA
Waiparous Valley Viewpoint PRA
Wapiabi PRA
Ware Creek PRA
Washout Creek NA
Waskahigan River PRA
Waterton Reservoir PRA
Watson Creek PRA
Weald PRA
Welch Creek NA
West Bragg Creek PRA
West Castle Wetlands ER
White Earth Valley NA
White Goat
Whitecourt Mountain NA
Whitehorse WPP
Whitehorse Creek PRA
Whitemud Falls WPP
Whitemud Falls ER
Whitney Lakes PP
Wild Horse PRA
Wildcat Island NA
Wildhay PRA
Wildhay Glacial Cascades NA
Wildhorse PRA
Wildhorse Lake PRA
William A. Switzer PP
Williamson PP
Willow Creek PP
Wilson Creek NA
Winagami WPP
Winagami Lake PP
Closed  Wolf Creek PRA
Wolf Lake PRA
Wolf Lake West PRA
Woolford PP
Writing-on-Stone PP
Wyndham-Carseland PP
Yates NA
Young's Point PP