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Disabled Access

Finding Disabled Access Campsites

To find "disabled access" campsites on

Some campgrounds also have first come-first served disabled access sites. The search described above will not show these. 

Disabled Access Campsites on
Carson Pegasus 2 H-154 and H-153
Crimson Lake Campground 2 C11, C12
Cross Lake Campground 3 11, 12, 24
Cypress Hills - Firerock Campground 1 AA-111
Dunvegan Campground 3 D-14, D-15, D-16
Hilliard's Bay 2 D-130 and E-150
Jarvis Bay Campground 1 201
Long Lake Campground 3 A-47, A-49, A-51
Marten River Campground 1 A-21
Miquelon Lake Campground 4 A-50, A-114, A-136, C-213
Moonshine Lake 1 A-7
Park Lake Campground 3 A-9, B-42, B-73
Pigeon Lake Campground 6 C-49, C-50, C-51, Yurts (3)
Ross Lake Campground 1 B-31
Saskatoon Island Campground 3 A-7,A-20,B-55
Sir Winston Churchill Campground 1 E-59
Thunder Lake 2 A-17 and B-40
Vermillion 1 C-43
Wabamun Lake Campground 2 B-90, B-91

Using Disabled Access Campsites

Designating Disabled Access Campsites

"Disabled access" campsites meet basic access criteria:

  • clear designation of the accessible campsite (on park map/entry kiosk/site number post);
  • a firm and level dirt, crushed rock or paved campsite surface;
  • a clear space around the tent pad and between other fixed elements (i.e. campfire, hook-ups);
  • a campsite free of barriers and unprotected hazards;
  • an accessible path less than 60 metres to an accessible washroom/pit toilet;
  • an accessible picnic table (knee clearance and clear space) in the campsite; and
  • basic access to firepit and/or grill, if applicable.

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