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Group Camping Areas

Group camping areas are ideal for company and club functions, family reunions and other special events.

Many group camping areas are available for online reservations.

Other group camping areas take "phone-in only" reservations. There are different rules for each reservation system.  

Rules for Group Camping Reservations

Special Events in Group Camping Areas

  • Special events range from small local/family functions such as weddings and reunions, to large provincial/national/international events such as Boy Scout Jamborees
  • If you are reserving a group camping area for a special event, you may require a special event permit.
  • It is strongly recommended that you apply for a permit well in advance. You should have your event approval before committing to a reservation.
  • If your special event permit application is denied and you cancel a group camping reservation within 10 days of your scheduled arrival date, your group camping fees will NOT be refunded.
  • Applications for special events are accepted up to one year in advance.
  • Some types of events may not be approved. Examples include events that would involve a safety risk to participants/spectators or that have the potential to damage park facilities or resources. Each special event permit application is evaluated on its own merits.

Group Camping Areas  

Park NameSite NameReservationsCampsites
Aspen Beach PPLakeview A1-877-537-2757 / Online50
Aspen Beach PPLakeview B1-877-537-2757 / Online40
Aspen Beach PPLakeview C1-877-537-2757 / Online40
Aylmer PRAAylmer1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Beauvais Lake PPHomestead1-877-537-2757 / Online21
Beaver Lake PRAArea A1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Beaver Lake PRAArea B1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Beaver Lake PRAArea C1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Beaver Lake PRAArea D1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Beaver Lake PRAArea E1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Big Mountain Creek PRABig Mountain Creek780-876-0052 (ask for Christine Schlief)25
Blackstone PRABlackstone1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Bow Valley  PPCanoe Meadows403-628-233640
Bow Valley  PPElk Flats1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Bow Valley  PPGrouse1-877-537-2757 / Online20 RV/20 Tent
Bow Valley  PPOwl1-877-537-2757 / Online20 RV/20 Tent
Bow Valley  PPClosed  Porcupine1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Brazeau Reservoir PRAMain1-877-537-2757 / Online35
Calling Lake PPCalling Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Carson-Pegasus PPArea A1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Carson-Pegasus PPArea B1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Carson-Pegasus PPArea C1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Cartier Creek PRACartier Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online8 RVs
Chain Lakes  PPLoop C1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Chambers Creek Group Camp PRAChambers Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online13
Cold Lake PPCold Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Cooking Lake-Blackfoot PRALost Lake Youth Camp/Day Use 780-922-32934
Cooking Lake-Blackfoot PRARunning Dog Youth Camp/Day Use780-922-32934
Crimson Lake PPCrimson Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Crimson Lake PPTwin Lakes1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Cross Lake PPCross Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Cypress Hills PPHighway 411-877-537-2757 / Online10
Cypress Hills PPMain1-877-537-2757 / Online6
Cypress Hills PPWillow Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Cypress Hills PPNichol Springs1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Deer Creek PRADeer Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online20 RVs
Dillberry Lake PPDillberry Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Dinosaur PPDinosaur1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Dry Island Buffalo Jump PPTolman East403-823-174910
Elbow River PRAPaddys Flat1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Elbow River PRARiver Cove1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Etherington Creek PRAEtherington Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Fawcett Lake PRAFawcett Lake780-829-221110
Fish Lake PRAFish Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Ghost Airstrip PRAGhost Airstrip1-877-537-2757 / Online50+
Ghost Airstrip PRANorth Ghost1-877-537-2757 / Online35
Gleniffer Reservoir PRASouth Dyke - Site A1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Gleniffer Reservoir PRASouth Dyke - Site B1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Gleniffer Reservoir PRASouth Dyke - Site C1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Gooseberry Lake PPGroup C1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Gooseberry Lake PPGroup D1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Gooseberry Lake PPGroup E1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Closed  Gregoire Lake PPClosed  Gregoire Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Highwood PRAHighwood1-877-537-2757 / Online12
Hilliard's Bay PPHilliards Bay A1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Hilliard's Bay PPHilliards Bay B1-877-537-2757 / Online8
Hilliard's Bay PPHilliards Bay C1-877-537-2757 / Online8
Honeymoon Creek PRAHoneymoon Creek Equestrian1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Indian Graves PRAIndian Graves403-995-555438
Iosegun Lake PRAIosegun Lake780-622-389614-20
Jackfish Lake PRAJackfish Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online5
James-Wilson PRAJames-Wilson1-877-537-2757 / Online20 RVs
Jarvis Bay PPJarvis A1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Jarvis Bay PPJarvis B1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Kinbrook Island PPKinbrook A1-877-537-2757 / Online50
Kinbrook Island PPKinbrook B1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Kinbrook Island PPKinbrook C1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 11-877-537-2757 / Online10
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 21-877-537-2757 / Online7
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 31-877-537-2757 / Online20
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 41-877-537-2757 / Online20
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 51-877-537-2757 / Online30
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 61-877-537-2757 / Online30
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 71-877-537-2757 / Online20
Kootenay Plains PRACavalcade 81-877-537-2757 / Online20
Lesser Slave Lake  PPLily Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online8
Lesser Slave Lake  PPMarten River1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Little Bow PPLittle Bow1-877-537-2757 / Online40
Long Lake PPLong Lake A1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Long Lake PPLong Lake B1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Maqua Lake PRAMaqua Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online15
McLeod River PRAMcLeod River1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Medicine Lake PRAMedicine Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online9
Mesa Butte PRAMesa Butte Equestrian1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Minnow Lake PRAMinnow Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Miquelon Lake PPArea 11-877-537-2757 / Online20
Miquelon Lake PPArea 21-877-537-2757 / Online20
Miquelon Lake PPArea 31-877-537-2757 / Online20
Miquelon Lake PPArea 41-877-537-2757 / Online20
Miquelon Lake PPArea 51-877-537-2757 / Online20
Miquelon Lake PPArea 61-877-537-2757 / Online20
Miquelon Lake PPArea 71-877-537-2757 / Online20
Moonshine Lake PPMoonshine Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Moose Lake PPMoose Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online12
Musreau Lake PRAMusreau Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Oldman Dam PRAThree Rivers1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Oldman River North PRAOldman River North1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Park Lake PPArea A1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Park Lake PPArea B1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Pembina River  PPPembina River1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Peter Lougheed PPLower Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Peter Lougheed PPPocaterra Walk-in Tenting1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Pigeon Lake PPAlder1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Pigeon Lake PPBirch1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Pigeon Lake PPDeer1-877-537-2757 / Online50
Pigeon Lake PPJackfish1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Pigeon Lake PPMoose1-877-537-2757 / Online50
Pigeon Lake PPPoplar1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Pigeon Lake PPSpruce1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Pigeon Lake PPSquirrel1-877-537-2757 / Online50
Pigeon Lake PPWillow1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Pine Grove PRAPine Grove A1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Pine Grove PRAPine Grove B1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Police Outpost PPOutpost Meadows1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Prairie Creek Group Camp PRALarge Group Use1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Prairie Creek Group Camp PRASmall Group Use1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Queen Elizabeth PPQueen Elizabeth1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Ram Falls PPRam Falls1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Red Deer River PRARed Deer River A1-877-537-2757 / Online10 RVs
Red Deer River PRARed Deer River B1-877-537-2757 / Online7 RVs
Red Lodge PPBeaver1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Red Lodge PPDeer1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Red Lodge PPMagpie1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Rochon Sands PPRochon Sands403-742-433820
Saskatoon Island PPSaskatoon Island1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Sheep River PPSandy McNabb A1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Sheep River PPSandy McNabb B1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Shunda Viewpoint PRAShunda Viewpoint1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Shuttler Flats PRAShuttler Flats780-538-535025
Sir Winston Churchill PPSir Winston Churchill1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Smoky River South PRASmoky River South780-827-739322
Snow Creek PRASnow Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online20
St. Mary Reservoir PRASt. Mary Lower Group1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Stoney Creek PRAStoney Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Strachan PRAStrachan1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Syncline PRASyncline A1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Syncline PRASyncline B1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Thunder Lake PPLoop D1-877-537-2757 / Online25
Thunder Lake PPLoop E1-877-537-2757 / Online6
Vermilion PPVermilion 11-877-537-2757 / Online15
Vermilion PPVermilion 21-877-537-2757 / Online15
Vermilion PPVermilion 31-877-537-2757 / Online15
Vermilion PPKlarrs Kabin Backcounty780-853-437220
Wabamun Lake PPGroup A1-877-537-2757 / Online12
Wabamun Lake PPGroup B1-877-537-2757 / Online12
Wabamun Lake PPGroup C1-877-537-2757 / Online5
Wabamun Lake PPGroup D1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Waiparous Creek Group Camp PRAWaiparous Creek1-877-537-2757 / Online12 RV/22 /Tents
Waskahigan River PRAWaskahigan1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Weald PRAWeald1-877-537-2757 / Online20
Whitney Lakes PPRoss Lake Area G1-877-537-2757 / Online16
Whitney Lakes PPRoss Lake Area H1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Wild Horse PRAWild Horse1-877-537-2757 / Online6 RVs
Wildhay PRAWildhay1-877-537-2757 / Online20
William A. Switzer PPBeaver Ranch1-877-537-2757 / Online12
William A. Switzer PPPine Bay1-877-537-2757 / Online7
Winagami Lake PPWinagami Lake1-877-537-2757 / Online12
Writing-on-Stone PPArea A1-877-537-2757 / Online8
Writing-on-Stone PPArea B1-877-537-2757 / Online10
Wyndham-Carseland PPArea A1-877-537-2757 / Online30
Wyndham-Carseland PPArea B1-877-537-2757 / Online15
Wyndham-Carseland PPArea C1-877-537-2757 / Online50
Young's Point PPYoungs Point1-877-537-2757 / Online25