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What is Geocaching?

  • In geocaching, you use a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver to locate a "geocache" - a hidden object, place or feature. Searching for, finding and placing geocaches is fun, exciting and rewarding.  This family-friendly outdoor activity is a adventure every time you seek a new geocache!
  • has locations and GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) for geocaches worldwide.
  • Geocache locations are hid by participants who post the GPS coordinates for others to go and seek.  (See Guidelines for placing new geocaches in Alberta's provincial parks.)
  • Check Geocaching 101 for more info.

Geocaching in Alberta Parks

  • There are currently almost 1,000 geocaches in parks across the province.
  • These geocaches are located in protected areas so special precautions need to be taken when searching for and placing geocaches.
  • Several parks offer interpretive and educational geocache programs for schools.
  • We also host special events and public interpretive programs that feature GPS/geocaching.  You can even rent a GPS unit at Crimson Lake Provincial Park, Cypress Hills Provincial Park and Miquelon Lake Provincial Park.

Geocaching Etiquette

  • Geocaching happens in an outdoor setting.  Take the same precautions you do when participating in other outdoor recreation activities like hiking.  Check our Outdoor Safety page for more info.
  • Follow Alberta Parks Regulations.
  • Minimize impact to the location of the geocache.  Stay on trails and avoid trampling vegetation or damaging the cache area.
  • Ensure that geocaches are respected and placed back in the exact location they are found.  If the geocache is damaged or poses a danger to people or wildlife, please report it to Alberta Parks staff.

Geocache Programs Offered by Alberta Parks

Geocache Public Programs

Geocache Educational Programs

Park Program Grades Available Notes
Crimson Lake Provincial Park  Geocaching 5-12 Year-Round Also open to groups for team-building
Miquelon Lake Provincial Park Geocaching 4-12 Year-Round  
Cypress Hills Provincial Park GPS/Geocaching 6-12  Year-Round  
Fish Creek Provincial Park GPS Excursion 7-9  Year-Round  

Placement of Geocaches in Provincial Parks

  • Check our Guidelines for information on placing a geocache in a provincial park.