Midweek Camping Promotion 2014 - 2
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Midweek Camping Promotion

Additional Rules & Info

  • The promotion applies to regular campsites only, not to group camping areas or comfort camping units.
  • The complimentary camping night has no cash value, and is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  • Promo codes are required only for those participating campgrounds that take reservations. Participating First Come-First Served campgrounds do not require a promo code.
  • Promo codes are available in various online ads and information.

Online Reservable campgrounds Book a Campsite in Advance

  • **Bookings start April 22 at 9:00 a.m. for June 29 through to the end of season.
  • Book through Reserve.Alberta using your promo code.
  • Call the Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-537-2757 with your promo code.
  • Check the rules for this promotion.
  • See FAQs for more info.

First Come First Serve campgrounds Camp First Come-First Served

  • Find an available campsite when you arrive at the campground.
  • Go to the registration/payment kiosk and follow the instructions posted there. Register and insert payment - cash or cheque.
  • Check additional info.
Brazeau Reservoir PRAReservoir Loops A, B & C
West Canal
Cypress Hills PPBattle Creek
Ferguson Hill
Reesor Lake
Spruce Coulee
Dunvegan PPDunvegan
Franchere Bay PRAFranchere Bay
Hilliard's Bay PPHilliards Bay
Lesser Slave Lake  PPMarten River
Pigeon Lake PPPigeon Lake
Whitney Lakes PPRoss Lake
Whitney Lake
Big Berland PRABig Berland
Big Knife PPBig Knife
Bleriot Ferry PRABleriot Ferry
Buck Lake PRA PRABuck Lake
Calhoun Bay PRACalhoun Bay
Dry Island Buffalo Jump PPTolman East
Tolman West
Figure Eight Lake PRAFigure Eight Lake
French Bay PRAFrench Bay Lower East
French Bay Upper West
Gleniffer Reservoir PRADickson Point
North Dyke
South Dyke
Heart River Dam PRAHeart River Dam
Lakeland PRAPinehurst Lake
Seibert Lake
Touchwood Lake
Ironwood Lake
Little Fish Lake PPLittle Fish Lake
Maycroft PRAMaycroft
Moonshine Lake PPMoonshine Lake
Musreau Lake PRAMusreau Lake
Oldman River PRAOldman River
Police Outpost PPPolice Outpost
Queen Elizabeth PPQueen Elizabeth
Simonette River PRASimonette River
Winagami Lake PPWinagami Lake