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Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS)

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Element Occurrence Data Updated to October 2014

ACIMS has updated Element Occurrence information to October 2014:

Any previous occurrence files (dated May 2014) are now outdated and should no longer be used. New files for occurrences must be downloaded or searched using the Search ACIMS Data Map. Occurrence data are updated regularly so ensure you're using the latest ACIMS files for every search.


Please use our new 'Plant, Lichen and Fungi data submission' form

When submitting data to ACIMS please use the new data submission forms for plants, lichen and fungi to enable the efficient capture and storage of submitted data.  The new data submission form contains fields similar to the previous form, plus a few new fields.  Use the subject line 'Data Submission' and send any additional information, such as shapefiles, maps, photos, reports, etc along with the data submission form as attachments.  A Help Guide is available


What is ACIMS?

ACIMS is a data centre that provides biodiversity information on Alberta's species, natural ecological communities and sites. Information about the location, condition, status and trends of selected elements is collected, updated, analyzed and disseminated.

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