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Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS)

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Element Occurrence Data Updated to July 2015

ACIMS has updated Element Occurrence information to July 2015

Any previous occurrence files (dated October 2014 or May 2015) are now outdated and should no longer be used. New files for occurrences must be downloaded or searched using the Search ACIMS Data Map. Occurrence data are updated regularly so ensure you're using the latest ACIMS files for each search. 

New "Plant, Lichen and Fungi Data Submission Form"

When submitting data to ACIMS, please use the new data submission forms for plants, lichen and fungi to enable the efficient capture and storage of submitted data.  The new Plant, Lichen and Fungi Data Submission Form contains fields similar to the previous form, plus a few additional fields.  Use the subject line "Data Submission" and send the data submission form and any additional information (e.g. shapefiles, maps, photos, reports) as attachments.  Please refer to the Help Guide.

Coming in 2015: Complete review of species elements and ranks in ACIMS

The national General Status project has contracted specialists across disciplines to develop or update element lists for each province and territory, then to propose ranks using NatureServe ranking methodology. This is an ambitious project. It includes all species groups in ACIMS (not including ecological communities), plus some new groups such as grasshoppers. Some groups, like bryophytes, have not had a group-wide review since the 1990s.

We are posting updated element list and tracking lists, group by group, as each review is completed. It's expected that there will be some ranks that will need further adjustment. If you see things that need additional work, please send your comments to Lorna Allen, ACIMS Coordinator ( This is a great opportunity to have a complete review which can then be tweaked as needed.

Check Element (Species and Ecological Communities) Data to see the lists. Posted as of May 2015

  • Bryophytes
  • Lichens
  • Vascular Plants

Each of the lists includes the species documented to occur in Alberta, their provincial rank (SRank) and, when available, global rank (GRank), as well as whether or not the element is tracked (T or P) or on the watch list (W). Additonal lists will be posted as they are available.

NOTE: ACIMS has done a full update of the taxonomy for vascular plants - "List of Element in Alberta - Vascular Plants" in Element (Species and Ecological Communities) Data. BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THIS LIST! There are a number of native species that have previously been called by a European name. If the European analogue is found in Alberta, it will be ranked exotic, with the native analogue appearing under the new name. An example:

Cardamine pratensis is now an exotic species.  The native components of what was previously called Cardamine pratensis are now called either Cardamine dentata (synonym is Cardamine pratensis var. palustris) or Cardamine nymanii (synonym is Cardamine pratensis var. angustifolia).  All three are recorded for Alberta.

What is ACIMS?

ACIMS is a data centre that provides biodiversity information on Alberta's species, natural ecological communities and sites. Information about the location, condition, status and trends of selected elements is collected, updated, analyzed and disseminated.

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