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West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area Upgrades

Under recent Government of Alberta infrastructure funding announcements, Alberta Parks is moving forward with upgrades to West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area. The attractive trail system combined with population growth has contributed to significant increases in visitation at West Bragg Creek PRA. At the same time the site has not undergone any major improvements since the 1980s. Alberta Parks recognizes the need to expand the parking lot and modernize trailhead amenities to address site issues.

These upgrades are intended to reduce parking lot congestion and user conflict, create safe emergency access, improve the all-season trailhead experience for a variety of users, help the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association and Parks staff maintain the trail system, and benefit local economic development.

Upgrades include:

For further information about the Project, please see the below Frequently Asked Questions, maps, and design.

Public Access and Construction

Construction is being staged as best as possible to allow continued access to the site. The majority of construction will occur between March 29th and June 30th prior to the peak summer months of July and August. The parking lot will be closed for a three day period March 29th to 31st. Remaining construction will be minimal and is expected to be completed in the fall. 

Parking will be limited during construction to about 80-90 parking spots and there may be periodic closures. While efforts are being made to stage construction and allow for safe public parking and access, limited spots will be available. Please check out Alberta Parks Advisories for up to date information on construction. 

Alberta Parks understands that limited access is difficult when the sun is starting to shine and we want to hit the trails with friends and family. We ask users to be patient, to access the trail system from alternative sites, to explore other areas, and to remember that impacts to access are short-term, but the improvements will be long-term. 

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Further Information:

Read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and still have questions?

Updated: Mar 28, 2017