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Enhancing the Protection of the Castle area

The Castle area is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Alberta with over 200 rare or at-risk species, including wolverine and grizzly bear. The area has a history of multiple uses including commercial forestry, grazing, oil and gas development as well as tourism development and recreational uses.

The Government of Alberta is committed to enhancing protection of the Castle Special Management Area. To achieve this, government will amend the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan to designate the Castle area under Parks’ legislation. The Government of Alberta is therefore proceeding with a public comment period on the following plan:

  1. Expansion of the Castle Wildland Provincial Park;
  2. Creation of a Provincial Park

The enhanced protection of the Castle area will allow us to focus on stewardship, protecting and enhancing biodiversity, and promoting the area as an outdoor destination for all Albertans.

The planned amendment would protect important fish and wildlife habitats, shared international wildlife populations, provide headwater protection, help to manage and develop recreational and tourism opportunities, and reduce or remove industrial impacts on the landscape. In addition, this would enhance the significant recreation and tourism potential of the area, contribute to the local economy, improve the quality of life of Albertans, and continue to position Alberta as an international tourism destination.

Government intends to work with all Albertans, stakeholders and aboriginal peoples to move forward with additional protection of the Castle area.

For further information about the planned commitment, please see the Frequently Asked Questions, the Information Brochure, and associated maps. 

Public Comment

The 30-day public input period for the expansion of the Castle Wildland Provincial Park and creation of a Provincial Park is now complete. Thank you for providing your feedback.  

Aboriginal Consultation

Separate aboriginal consultation will follow the Government of Alberta’s First Nations Consultation Policy on Land Management and Resource Development and associated Guidelines.

What Happens After Public Comment

A decision regarding the proposal has not yet been made. All comments received during the public input period are being considered before a decision is made. The final decision will be posted online at and once a decision has been reached.

Media Inquiries

Media Line: 780-427-8636 

Further Information

Further information:

Disclaimer: We thank you for providing your input. Those who submit feedback will not be contacted individually regarding their submission.

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