Cataract Creek Provincial Recreation Area - Kananaskis Country
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Public Consultations / Notifications

Alberta Parks is committed to engaging Albertans in decisions about parks. Our consultation framework ("Involving Albertans") describes when and how we consult with Albertans. We encourage all Albertans to take an active role in planning the future of Alberta's parks.


We want to know what you think! Your feedback will help us to better manage Alberta's parks.

The consultation table below provides information on what's being proposed and details on how to provide your comments. This list is updated often.

  • Check regularly to see what's new; OR
  • subscribe to ParkNews to be advised automatically when opportunities for public comment are announced.

There are several ways to provide feedback

  • Through the online input link
  • Via email
  • By regular mail
Site NameDescriptionComment Period
Bow Valley WPPProposal for a Land Exchange Between Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park and the Municipal District of Bighorn
Updated: 30 Nov 2010
French Bay PRADecision to Expand the Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort within French Bay Provincial Recreation Area
Updated: 5 Sep 2013
French Bay PRAProposal to develop a summer camp within French Bay Provincial Recreation Area
Updated: 3 Sep 2013
Lakeland PRAProposal to expand the Pinehurst campground within Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area
Updated: 16 Sep 2013
Sir Winston Churchill PPProposal to name an un-named island within Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park after Mr. Tom Maccagno
Updated: 14 Dec 2012
Wabamun Lake PPProposal for a Water Fill Station within Wabamun Lake Provincial Park
Updated: 11 Jan 2013
Consultation Archive


We want to keep you informed about projects and decisions made in conducting our everyday business.  Examples include some boundary amendments and minor campground upgrades.  The notification table below provides

  • Information and
  • Contact name/information in case you have any questions.
Site NameDescription
Crow Lake Provincial ParkNotification of boundary change and development of a new campground within Crow Lake Provincial Park
Updated: 16 Jan 2013
Hilliard's Bay PPNotification of Deregulation of a Portion of Road from Hilliard's Bay Provincial Park
Updated: 9 Feb 2012
Kitscoty, James River Bridge & Leslieville PRAsNotification of Deregulation of Kitscoty, James River Bridge and Leslieville PRAs
Updated: 27 Feb 2013
Young's Point PPNotification of Expansion of Young's Point Provincial Park
Updated: 29 Jun 2012
Notification Archive