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Push to Open Nature

One of the priority actions in the Plan for Parks is an inclusion strategy. The goal is to increase opportunities and invite the full participation of all Albertans in parks.  

The Push to Open Nature Initiative aims to increase environmental and recreational literacy among people of all abilities. Many Albertans face some sort of barrier to active living. Every Albertan will be affected by disability in their life due to injury, aging or as a caregiver to a loved one. 

The Push to Open Nature Initiative builds on:

Removing Barriers - Accessibility in Parks

Nature has no building codes. We must work to ensure that people of all abilities can participate in nature-based experiences and outdoor recreation. We are trying to remove barriers in new and existing facilities, as well as in programs and daily operations.  

Help Us Improve

Report a barrier or idea:

  • report accessibility problems you encounter in a provincial park
  • submit ideas for places and experiences that should be made more accessible

We'd also love to hear about exceptional places or people in Alberta's parks that provide truly inclusive experiences. Please send your stories and photos to

Park Events for Everyone - Adaptive Nature Challenges

To provide access without impacting wilderness, we develop and support programs that modify the user, not the environment. Adaptive nature challenges require:

  • use of adaptive equipment such as TrailRiders, sit-skis and outrigger kayaks; and
  • tremendous teamwork and enthusiasm from committed volunteers and participants.

Adaptive nature challenges prove that teamwork, determination and creativity can break down barriers, smooth out mountains and build communities.

Check our Events listing for upcoming adaptive nature and inclusion programs.

Check out our past adaptive challenges 

Push to Open Nature Society

Push to Open Nature Society is a non-profit charitable society that works with Parks Division on inclusion initiatives by:

  • supporting Adaptive Nature Challenges; and
  • connecting people with the equipment, places and people they need to experience nature interdependently.

For more info or to participate, contact Push to Open Nature Society at

Get Involved

Get involved and help push open nature in Alberta's provincial parks.

More Information about Push to Open Nature Initiative

Thanks to our Partners

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and dozens of leaders who have helped so far. A huge thanks also to our many valued partners.